Conditions of Sale

Conditions of Use of

1. General Provisions

1.1. The website is owned by AS CWT Estonia (registry code 10417646, address Laeva 2, Tallinn, e-mail, telephone +372 6407 770). The website provides access to travel services’ sales systems of various Service Providers, which are working in real time. CWT Estonia AS is an authorised sales agent of Service Providers, and is not a party to the contract entered into by and between the client and the Service Provider.

1.2. By using any sales system(s) you confirm that you have reviewed and agree with these Conditions of Use and the conditions of sale set by the Service Providers.

1.3. If any of the provision of these Conditions of Use turns out to be invalid by reason of it being contrary to the law, the same will not cause invalidity of any other provision hereof.

1.4. In the case of any discrepancies between the Conditions of Use and the conditions of sale of a Service Provider the latter shall apply.

2. Definitions

Client – an individual or a legal entity using the Sales System(s) on the website.

Traveller – an individual, who uses the service of the Service Provider. The Traveller does not need to be the Client.

Service Provider – a third person, whose services can be reviewed and/or purchased via the website.

Order Confirmation – a document, issued by the Service Provider or, confirming the conclusion of the contract between the Client and the Service Provider, and granting the right to use a travel service, e.g. purchase an airline ticket, a car rental voucher, a travel insurance policy, etc. An Order Confirmation is not a travel service booking confirmation or information about the booking.

Conditions of Use – the conditions of use of the website, including the conditions of sale of the Service Providers.

3. Service

3.1. The website is used by CWT Estonia AS to offer the service of accessing Service Providers’ sales systems, the possibility to make enquiries about travel services rendered by Service Providers, to book travel services of Service Providers, to pay for such travel services, and to receive Order Confirmations. The Website also displays general travel related information and information about promotional campaigns of CWT Estonia As.

3.2. The possibilities for purchasing travel services, including their terms and conditions, prices and availability of seats and places, are constantly changing, as they depend on the demand and supply of travel services.

3.3. A booking of a travel service of a Service Provider, made by the Client via the website, along with making the payment for the travel service, constitutes the Client’s proposal to purchase the selected travel service from the Service Provider. If the Service Provider agrees with the Client’s proposal, the Service Provider or CWT Estonia AS shall send the Client a respective confirmation, i.e. the Order Confirmation – the document evidencing of the right to use the travel service – in an electronic message. This proves that the contract between the Client and the Service Provider on purchasing the particular travel service is concluded.

3.4. If the Service Provider disagrees with the Client’s proposal, the contract will not be concluded, and CWT Estonia AS will refund the fee paid by the Client.

3.5. Travel services may be booked via the website only by a fully competent adult, i.e. a Client being an individual of at least 18 years of age or a representative of the Client being a legal entity. If, however, any travel service is booked by a person, who does not meet the above requirements, the responsibility for any consequences of the booking will rest with the person whose bank account or credit card was used for paying for the booking.

3.6. The Client shall follow and observe the Conditions of Use, and the instruction of use displayed on the website. Before booking a service all data, which were entered by the Client, will be displayed on the website for checking and remedying any possible mistakes. The Client shall be responsible for the accuracy of the provided and entered data, and shall bear any possible damages caused by his or her mistakes.

3.7. The Client is responsible for following and observing the conditions established by the Service Provider. Failure to observe any of the conditions may result in rendering the order invalid, curtailment of the trip, or additional expenses to be borne by the Client.

3.8. CWT Estonia AS will not fulfil the Client’s order, if the Client ignores the Conditions of Use, or does not pay the full amount payable for the booking.

3.9. CWT Estonia AS will send the Order Confirmation to the electronic mail address provided by the Client. If the Order Confirmation has not been received at the e-mail address of the Client within a reasonable period of time after the payment for the travel services is made, the Client shall promptly notify CWT Estonia AS thereof.

The Client shall notify CWT Estonia AS forthwith of any technical glitches detected in the course of using the website.

4. Verification of Order Confirmation. Notification obligation. Travel Insurance

4.1. Upon receiving the Order Confirmation (ticket, policy, etc) the Client shall promptly check the accuracy of the given name and surname of the Traveller, the travel itinerary, the dates and any other critical data, and their conformity with the booking and the data entered. It is essential to ascertain that the Traveller’s name indicated in the booking and the Order Confirmation is a letter-by-letter match to the name of the Traveller written in the travel document. CWT Estonia AS will remedy any errors caused by itself or the Service Provider. Subsequent amendment or cancellation of information is not possible, or is permissible for a surcharge.

4.2. Notification obligation. In the event that one person purchases travel services for another person, the person purchasing the services must provide the general conditions, the information sheet and other contract terms and information communicated to him by the travel agent without delay to the other person for whom he is ordering and / or purchasing travel services.

4.3. CWT Estonia AS recommends to always purchase a travel insurance policy along with any travel service purchased. Depending on the selected insurer and the terms of the insurance contract, a travel insurance policy will help to recover expenses, for instance, in the event of the Traveller’s illness, an unforeseen curtailment or cancellation of a trip, loss of luggage, etc.

5. Payment

5.1. The Client will pay the full price of flight tickets to CWT Estonia AS via the internet banking system; CWT Estonia AS shall forward the payment to the Service Provider. For other travel services the Client pays directly to the Service Provider in the process of booking.

5.2. Neither CWT Estonia AS, nor the Service Provider are obligated to issue the Client Order Confirmations, vouchers or any other travel documents before the full amount payable for the booked travel services has been credited to the account of CWT Estonia AS.

6. Claims

6.1. By providing the Client access to Service Providers’ travel services, CWT Estonia AS shall bear no responsibility for the provision, the quality and the conformity of the Service Providers’ travel services with the description provided by the Service Providers. The Client may submit any claims to Service Providers via CWT Estonia AS, who shall forward them to the respective Service Provider, and assist the Client in resolving the matters connected with the claim within the limits of its competence.

6.2. If the Client finds that the travel service does not match the description given by the Service Provider, the Service Provider shall be notified thereof without a delay. If no solution is found on the spot, a written claim has to be filed about the event. Such claim has to be forwarded within seven (7) days following the use of the travel service, however not later than within fourteen (14) days after having learned about the event. The written claim shall be submitted against the Service Provider, and sent either directly to the Service Provider by post or electronic mail, or to CWT Estonia AS to be forwarded to the Service Provider. The claim has to be accompanied by proof demonstrating the non-compliance of the service, and documents evidencing of additional expenses borne and damages suffered. A claim, which has not been filed within the set term is deemed lapsed.

7. Confidentiality

7.1. CWT Estonia AS will not disclose the Traveller’s personal data, which CWT Estonia AS has obtained through the Traveller’s use using the website, unless disclosure of such data takes place with the consent of the Traveller, or the obligation to disclose the data stems from the legislation or the Conditions of Use.

7.2. The Client warrants and understands that the use of the website by the Client presumes forwarding of the Traveller’s personal data to third persons in placed Estonia and abroad. The Client provides the Traveller’s personal data (personal ID code, means of payment, etc) for the purpose of purchasing the travel service with the knowledge and consent of the Traveller, if providing these data to third persons is a condition precedent for using a particular travel service.

8. Final Provisions

8.1. CWT Estonia AS has the right to amend the Conditions of Use unilaterally and without a notice. Amended Conditions of Use will enter into effect on the day the same are published on the website, unless otherwise stipulated in the amendments.

8.2. The relationships between the Client and CWT Estonia AS are governed by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia, any court disputes fall under the jurisdiction of the Harju County Court.

8.3. The relationships between the Client and the Service Provider are governed by the legislation of the country appointed by the Service Provider and the provisions of the international law.

Booking and Selling of Airline Tickets

  1. The availability of seats, air fares and ticket conditions are constantly changing, as they are dependent on demand and supply.
  2. Both the Client and the Service Provider (hereinafter also Carrier) have the right to amend or cancel a flight booking at any time without a prior notice. Possibilities for purchasing a booked flight and air fare rates can change until the contract is concluded, i.e. until such time that the ticket is formally issued.  In the case of unilateral amendment or cancelling a flight booking by the Carrier, the Carrier or its authorised sales agent, i.e. CWT Estonia AS, shall incur no obligations before the Client.
  3. When booking a flight and purchasing a ticket the Client shall act in accordance with the instructions given by the sales system. The Client shall be responsible for the accuracy of the data entered into the booking system. Before confirming the booking the Client must review the ticket conditions and the air fare rules. These govern, inter alia, matters concerning amendment and cancelling of tickets, the liability of the Traveller and the Carrier, etc. The Client shall address any questions to CWT Estonia AS.
  4. The Client shall pay for the booking via the direct bank link. After having made the payment, the Client needs to click “Return to the merchant”, in order for the information to reach CWT Estonia AS on time. When paying by a bank transfer the Client shall enter the reference number indicated on the invoice.
  5. The airline ticket, or the document evidencing of the right to use the service will [not] be issued to the Client before the payment has been credited to the bank account of CWT Estonia AS in full.
  6. The airline ticket will be sent to the Client’s e-mail address within 0.5 to 3 hours following the payment. The Client shall notify CWT Estonia AS forthwith if the airline ticket has not been received.
  7. Upon receiving the airline ticket the Client shall promptly check the accuracy of the Traveller’s name, the flight itinerary, the date, etc. CWT Estonia AS will remedy any errors caused by itself or the Service Provider. Subsequent amendment of information is not possible, or is permissible for a surcharge.
  8. Any mistakes caused by the Client will be remedied in accordance with the booking options available in the sales system at the time in question. Any possible additional expenses shall be covered by the Client.
  9. After the deadline for purchasing the booked airline ticket has expired, the booking will lapse.

Use of Airline Tickets

  1. An airline ticket is always personal. The Carrier regards any change of name as a cancellation of the concluded contract and entry into a new contract, the conditions whereof do not necessarily match those of the previous contract, but are instead dependent on the availability of seats and the air fare at the time in question.
  2. Flights must be used in the order stated on the ticket. The Carrier has the right to cancel the subsequent flights, if the previous flight is unused.
  3. The conditions applicable to amendment and cancellation of an airline ticket depend on the time of making the flight booking, the travel class and the air fare terms. Generally affordable-priced airline tickets cannot be amended or cancelled, or these options are available for a surcharge indicated in the fare terms. A surcharge for a seat in a higher booking class may be added to the ticket amendment fee, if there are no seats in the previously booked class. Furthermore, the airport taxes and the fuel surcharge at the time of making the amendment can also be different from the previously applied ones. If the Carrier’s fare terms stipulate that the ticket cannot be cancelled, it means that no refund will be paid for the cancelled ticket.
  4. CWT Estonia AS service fees apply to amending or cancellation of an airline ticket.

Tickets for Connecting Flights

It is advisable to purchase one single airline ticket for all connecting flights, because the Carrier is responsible for taking the Traveller to the destination within the scope of one contract, i.e. one ticket. With separate tickets the first Carrier will not be responsible for the Traveller’s catching the next flight. If tickets are purchased separately (separate tickets can be cheaper than one combined ticket) we recommend to leave sufficient time for catching the connecting flight, and to also purchase a travel interruption insurance policy. Possible delay of the first flight, as well as delays in transit airports (wait for checked-in luggage, check-in for the connecting flight, security checks, etc) should be takes into consideration when planning the time for connection. The minimum time between two flights should be 3–4 hours.

The Carrier is not responsible for the Traveller’s catching the connecting flight within one ticket, if the Traveller misses the flight for reasons attributable to the Traveller. In such case any expenses caused by a delay, e.g. purchasing of a ticket for the next flight or a return ticket, will have to be borne by the Traveller. Generally in these cases the Carrier is also not obligated to refund the unused part of the ticket. If the Carrier refunds the unused part of the ticket, the amount of the refund is calculated as the difference between the air fare applicable to the purchased ticket and the publicly effective fare applicable to the flight at the particular time. It is possible that the fare of one separate flight is just slightly different from the fare of the purchased return ticket, i.e. the refund can turn out to be minimal.

The sales system offers, among other options, airline tickets with the minimum connection time. The minimum connection time is established by the airport, but it does not necessarily apply to all Carriers. In the case of certain airlines the luggage cannot be checked in up to the final destination, instead it has to be checked out at the transit airport, and then checked in for the connecting flight. The minimum connection time, however, does not take all these aspects into consideration, as it does not take into consideration possible queues at the security checkpoint or flight delays. We recommend purchasing an airline ticket, which leaves more time for catching the connecting flight.

Checking to Flights, Confirmation of Return Flight

The Traveller must arrive at the point of departure of the flight on time. If the Traveller fails to do so, the Carrier may cancel the entire ticket. The point of departure of the flight is the departure check-in counter of the airport. The check-in for a flight ends, depending on the airport and the Carrier, 1–2 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. When planning time for a check-in you should also take into consideration any possible queues.

A number of airlines offer internet and/or mobile check-in options. We recommend, if possible, to use the online check-in option, the necessary links are available here. Depending on the airline check-in for a flight is either a free or a fee-charging service (budget airlines).

In the case of group travel and long-haul flights the Traveller has to confirm the return flight at least 72 hours before the flight. To confirm the seats the Traveller shall contact the Carrier or the representative of CWT Estonia AS. The Carrier has the right to cancel the seats, which have not been confirmed.

At the airport the Carrier may charge additional fees for the desired seat, for excess weight or special luggage, priority check-in or other services. The amount of the surcharge is decided by the Carrier.

Traveller’s Luggage

Air travellers may take luggage to their flights. The luggage is either luggage, carried in the aircraft’s cargo hold, i.e. the checked-in luggage, or luggage, which is taken to the cabin, i.e. the carry-on luggage.  Depending on the Carrier the fee for luggage transport is either included in the ticket price, or an additional fee is applied. Carriers establish fixed standards concerning the weight, the dimensions and the number of pieces of checked-in and carry-on luggage. Before booking a flight the Client should review the luggage related information, which is available here or on the Carrier’s website, or contact CWT Estonia AS. If the Client and the Traveller are different persons, the Client shall notify the Traveller of the applicable luggage rules.